The Mechanics
of Advanced Meditation
Learning to Dance
with Subtle Energy
A beautiful New Book

By Andrew King  

The inspiration for this book was to help people searching for a method to relieve physical pain. There are many inspiring books that motivate people, but few that provide a method to reach the goal. After decades of effort dealing with headaches a method took shape. This was finally broken down into tools that achieved repeatable success. The desire to share these tools with others led to creating this book since there was no way to pass on the method in a simple conversation.

Lingering injuries and pain drive people to great lengths to find relief. This method provides step by step direction how to relieve pain and completely heal injuries. Focusing attention can direct energy to the source of pain. The difference between moving a finger and healing a finger is simply how subtle energy is focused. Subtle energy is used to move the body, and can also be focused to heal the body. The pain allows the person to locate the injury so energy can be directed and healing can occur. Expanding on that concept in meditation allows greater amounts of energy to reach the injury. Healing becomes proportionate to the energy focused, which vastly accelerates the recovery. This method achieves a maintainable balance between confronting the pain and healing the injury. Once the balance is achieved the energy can build from a subtle breeze to an ocean tide. The dance steps are laid out here, setting the stage to expanding the method in additional books.  

Learning how to deal with pain
in a natural meditative way will be a true life changing experience. 


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